Top 10 Yoga Teachers Who Inspire the Great Guiding Principles

Top Ten Yoga Teachers Who Embody the Great Guiding Principles

The following teachers have achieved a level of excellence in the yoga world. Everyone from any career field will learn applicable communication and teaching skills from studying with them, listening to their podcasts or watching their videos.

  • Daniel Aaron —based in Ubud, Bali, Daniel is a top tier teacher who masterfully weaves themes through his classes, ushering the past into the present and planting seeds for the future. His podcasts are some of the best on the market. The quality of the Radiantly Alive Yoga Teacher Training far surpasses most trainings in the yoga world. (Full Disclosure: I’ve worked as a communications teacher in Daniel’s trainings).

Great Guiding Principle Strengths: Preparation, Consistent Creative Application and Continuity of Themes, Curiosity for Knowledge, Clarity of Instruction.

  •  Max Strom Max was my main yoga teacher for many years and I studied with him in his Yoga Teacher Training at Sacred Movement in Venice, CA. Max is like a great sports coach. He was the first yoga teacher who adjusted me effectively and led my practice to another level. Max teaches at a top level of integrity, intelligence and compassion.

Great Guiding Principle Strengths: Pace and Arc of a Class, Confidence to Change Directions in a class, Clarity of Instruction.

  •  Denise Payne –now living in Ubud and teaching at the Yoga Barn Denise is unique, inspiring and innovative. There’s no one quite like her in the yoga world. Denise is in love with yoga and has been a devoted student of the practice for many years. She shares her knowledge and techniques in a humorous way. Denise has developed a highly effective, popular one on one yoga teacher training.

 Great Guiding Principles: Dedicated and Prepared. Verbally Acknowledges Students quickly and efficiently as soon as they step into her space, bringsThemes out of seemingly nowhere that resonate perfectly.  And she’s hilarious.

  •  Saul David Raye –a stunningly effective public speaker. Beautifully creates intimacy in a large room of students. Selectively brings in his wealth of knowledge for seamless, thematic story telling.

Great Guiding Principles Strengths:  Acknowledges, Unites and Motivates a group quickly, verbally and nonverbally. Uses the Power of the Pause as an art form. Creative use of Themes.

  • Shaney Albers –based out of Portland, Oregon, Shaney is a world class teacher and communicator. She teaches at a high emotional pitch and she is able to funnel that energy into a focused gift for her students. There are few teachers who can walk a room and administer to students as well as Shaney does.

Great Guiding Principles Strengths:  Builds Trust Quickly.  Her Focus and Intention is phenomenal.  Shaney Individualizes each Student, works the room, adjusting students over and over again while verbally leading the group. Any instructor, not just yoga teachers, will learn from watching her teach.

  •  Hala Khouri –most great teachers excel at certain qualities. Hala does everything well. The first time I was in Hala’s class I went home and wrote a list of all the great opportunities she seized during her class. Hala teaches with ease and elegance.

Great Guiding Principles Strengths: Has a fantastic instinct for when to use Teachable Moments, uses Mirroring technique beautifully for Visual Teaching, and understands Sight Lines in a room so students can always see her when she demonstrates. Weaves her knowledge in a professional and fun way.

  •  Stephanie Waiheke — based out of New Zealand, Stephanie is a powerful Astanga practitioner who teaches with a soft touch.  Charming and effective, Stephanie brings endless generosity and kindness to those who practice with her.

Great Guiding Principles Strengths: Teaches What She Loves, Inspires by Example, Individualizes her Students Brilliantly.

  •  Jo Tastula –a gem who flies a little under the radar. Jo has a soft charisma that allows her to gently open doors for her students to step through.

Great Guiding Principles Strengths: Uses Softness as Strength, Gently Pulls rather than Pushes her students. Creates a mood of intimacy, walks the room effectively as she adjusts her students. Non Dogmatic.

  •  Sarana Miller –a charming teacher based in the Bay Area. Sarana was able to study with and learn from Rodney Yee and Thomas Fortel and she has blossomed into a distinctive, highly effective teacher. Adjusts like a gentle chiropractor.

Great Guiding Principles Strengths:  Merges with her students in a non Hierarchal Way, Adjusts in a Positive Way, Keeps Learning as she Grows.

  •  Brad Keimach –A musical conductor, Brad brings an original thoughtfulness to yoga. He weaves his own life lessons into his classes in a non-dogmatic way.

Great Guiding Principles: Textbook Articulation and Enunciation; Individualizes his students needs effectively, great Spatial Awareness, brings consistent quality.

  •  Shiva Rae – the first yoga teacher who connected with me and showed me the benefits of yoga when she was just starting her teaching career. One of the Guiding Principles is that often it is a little thing that can have the largest effect. I incorporated into my river guiding technique something Shiva mentioned in a yoga class and that information was integral in keeping me injury free for over 20 years.

Great Guiding Principles: Creative, Builds Energy Well in a Group Dynamic, Always Moving Forward.

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