“Tom Lang is one of those rare people who can connect with anyone in an instant, and who can weave a compelling story you’ll never forget from the thinnest of threads. His quick wit and engaging manner will have you smiling from the start, and inevitably laughing many times before he’s done.

I’ve seen Tom work his magic both as a guide and as an instructor, and even in the most challenging of circumstances he is consistently able to create positive outcomes. For as long as I’ve known Tom, his mantra has been to “take it to the next level” – a challenge to himself and to those he works with to never accept ‘good enough’ as good enough.

Beyond his natural skills as an entertainer and leader, Tom’s real genius lies in his ability to choreograph exceptional group experiences while personalizing the attention he gives to each individual. I’ve worked with a lot of great communicators, and Tom Lang is simply the best.
- Bill Fletcher , Director of Sales and Marketing, Holland America Cruise Lines

“Tom Lang’s concepts and techniques are valuable for anyone wishing to
teach, coach, or speak publicly. He will help you to hear yourself
with new ears.”
- Max Strom, yoga teacher and author of A Life Worth Breathing.

“Tom is an eloquent, inspiring and wise leader whose passion is infectious!”
- Hala Khouri, yoga teacher and somatic counselor