Private Consulting

Private Consulting

Over the last 20 years I’ve coached and trained river guides, managers, yoga teachers and workers in various fields in the customer service and hospitality world. I’ve worked with individuals to improve their presentation skills, tuned up eco-tourism companies in the Caribbean, transitioned Alaskan native communities into profitable tourism based economies and helped yoga teachers take their teaching to the next level both in America and Asia.

 Due to many factors besides just competition, what made an individual or company great 20 years ago, today places them somewhere between fair and good. Most of us are caught in a loop. We are inspired by a talk, a book or a workshop at work. Afterward, there is a spike in our productivity, our attitude and our personal life, followed soon by a dip back into our old loop as we circle the same wagons.

 The Great Guiding Principles is a proven way to break the loop and achieve consistent excellence. Whether your company is new or your company is established and stuck in the usual ruts, the Great Guiding Principles will help. Whether you’re starting your career, have hit the wall of your middle career, or at the peak of your career, the Great Guiding Principles will fine tune what’s needed.

 Besides workshops and talks, I am also available for one on one SKYPE calls.

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