The Great Guiding Principles for Yoga Teachers is Now Available (Ebook and Hard Copy on Amazon)

  • The Great Guiding Principles for Yoga Teachers is a primer for new yoga teachers and a tuneup for senior yoga teachers. A simple workbook on communication and leadership skills, the book discusses:
  • Building confidence in Uniting and Motivating Groups
  • Effective Techniques for Teaching a Skill
  • Fine Tuning Public Speaking
  • Exercises for Consistent Performance as a teacher
  • How to Set a Tone, Build a Theme and Create a Mood
  • Understanding the Arc of a Career as a Yoga Teacher
  • Pro Active tools for Burn Out
  • Daily Checklist to Maintain Great Performance as a Yoga Teacher


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Welcome to the Great Guiding Principles website. For over 25 years I’ve been passionately sharing the life skills and lessons I’ve learned as a river guide with managers, coaches, yoga teachers and all professions that rely on teamwork and great communication for their business and personal success. What makes a river guide great makes any professional great.

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